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Towards the finale 

Tonight is the final concert of the Queen Sonja International Music Competition (QSIMC). Her Majesty will be in attendance at the Opera House in Oslo where the five finalists will compete for prestige and prizes. 


The competition week leading up to the finals began on 11 August, and it was a hectic one. After several preliminary rounds, 12 participants were selected for the semi-finals. The Norwegian audience was undoubtedly pleased to see home-grown soprano Lise Davidsen among the five singers who advanced to the finals.

The finalists 

The five finalists are:

  • Alexey Lavrov, baritone (Russia)
  • Elsa Dreisig, soprano (France)
  • Leon Kosavic, baritone (Croatia)
  • Lise Davidsen, soprano (Norway)
  • Yuriy Yurchuk, baritone (Ukraine)

The programme for the final concert may be found by clicking on the link at right.
Queen Sonja herself will be in attendance at the Opera House this evening and will present the prizes to the winners.

A busy week 

In addition to the concerts that are part of the competition, the QSIMC has hosted several other concerts this past week. A concert was held on 19 August with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Yesterday there was a free outdoor concert at the Carp Pond at Akershus Fortress, featuring the Royal Norwegian Navy Band and two up-and-coming singers from the Norwegian National Opera. Moreover, several of the competing singers have attended master classes, including one held at Oscarshall summer palace, where the Queen was also present.

Tonight the final winner will be decided. The finals will be broadcast live on television by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.



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