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Annual report of the Royal Court for 2017

The members of the Royal Family took part in 658 official events in Norway and abroad in 2017. They visited 63 municipalities, all the counties and Svalbard in Norway, and paid visits to twelve countries abroad.


The celebration of the 80th birthdays of Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja was an important focus in 2017. The official joint celebration of their birthdays, with Royal guests from throughout Europe in attendance, was held on 9 and 10 May. In June the King and Queen carried out a jubilee tour to the counties of Oppland and Hedmark – a continuation of their 2016 silver jubilee tour along the coast to mark the 25th anniversary of their accession to the throne.

The Queen Sonja Art Stable, King Harald’s gift to the Queen for her 80th birthday, was officially opened on 4 July. The Art Stable has been the venue for a number of important events in 2017 – from the opening exhibition displaying a wide selection of Norwegian contemporary graphic art, to the Royal Family’s reception before Christmas for guests involved in the outreach activities of a number of non-governmental organisations.

In the course of the busy summer weeks, more than 45 000 visitors attended guided tours of the Royal Palace and the Oscarshall summer palace, and close to 26 000 visited the Queen Sonja Art Stable between its opening in July and the end of the year.

The Royal Court has submitted its annual report for 2017 today. The report is intended to provide better information about and increase understanding of the activities of the Royal House of Norway and the Royal Court.

Annual accounts

The financial results for the year are better than anticipated, and are covered by accumulated reserves. The accounts for the Civil List, which also includes the official activities of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, show a deficit of NOK 9 879 056.

For the regular allocation (item 50), the accounts show a deficit of NOK 3 152 352, which is the result of the various activities in connection with the birthday celebrations for the King and Queen. This deficit is debited to previous appropriations set aside for this purpose. The accounts show that a major portion of the allocated funding was used for the maintenance and development of the Royal Palace and other buildings.

The remaining deficit of NOK 6 726 705 is the result of the launch of measures and investments in connection with the Royal Court’s security project. This deficit is covered by previous appropriations for the implementation of the security project for the Royal Residences.

The accounts for “Åpent Slott” (cultural outreach activities) show a surplus of NOK 2 390 033. This surplus will be used for activities under the auspices of “Åpent Slott”.

The annual report and accounts of the Royal Court for 2017 were submitted today to the Presidium of the Storting, the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, and the Office of the Auditor General of Norway.



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