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The Royal Party through Blindleia

On Friday, the Royal party reached Gamle Hellesund, where they embarked K/B Stjernen and barges to sail thourgh Blindleia. On Thursday evening the vessels arrived in Ny Hellesund, where they spent the night.


Blindleia (which means “blind or dead-end channel”) is extremely narrow, making it difficult for larger vessels to navigate. The natural surroundings here are very beautiful, and Blindleia is thus a very popular site for summer tourists in small vessels.

After Blindleia, the party again embarked on the Royal Yachts Norge and Dannebrog and the KNM Horten, and sailed on to Arendal.


The Royal guests arrived in Pollen in Arendal at 19:00 hours, and were welcomed by County Governor Hjalmar Sunde, Mayor Torill Rolstad Larsen and Deputy Police Chief Kjell Hegstad.

The party walked through Tyholmen in Arendal, with entertainment and cultural highlights along the way, including an historical market, a depiction of the life of a soldier in 1807, traditional children’s games and dancing.

This comprised the last part of the official celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s birthday. The celebration was concluded with a private programme at The King and Queen’s holiday resort at Mågerø, Tjøme, during the weekend.

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