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Dignity Day in Geneva

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince was in Geneva on 13-14 October to draw attention to the importance of dignity.


On Tuesday, 13 October, the Crown Prince spoke about his work with the Global Dignity initiative to an audience of some 100 members of the World Economic Forum’s administration.

World Economic Forum

Professor Klaus Schwab, who founded the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 1971, introduced the Crown Prince, US poverty eradication activist John Hope Bryant and Finnish professor Pekka Himanen to the audience.

The trio established Global Dignity three years ago. Since that time they have travelled the globe, organising Dignity Day events at schools and challenging young people to reflect on the fundamental significance of dignity in their own lives and in society. Author Paolo Coelho also spoke at the WEF, sharing his understanding of the term dignity.

Dignity Day at the International School

On Wednesday, 14 October, Crown Prince Haakon participated in a Dignity Day event at the International School of Geneva. The school has 4,ooo students aged 3 to 18 of all nationalities. After the Crown Prince and John Hope Bryant made introductory remarks to the school assembly, the students returned to their classrooms and worked in groups, addressing questions such as: What is dignity? Can you tell a story about dignity in your own life? What do you want to work toward – and how can you contribute to enhancing other people’s dignity?

Global Dignity Day will be observed for the second year in a row on 20 October, and the Crown Prince will be in Oxford for the occasion. He will attend a Dignity Day event at Elvebakken School in Oslo on 22 October.

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