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Global development conference in Qatar

On 30-31 May, participants from all over the world gathered at the World Economic Forum Global Redesign Summit in Doha. His Royal Highness The Crown Prince participated in his capacity as head of the Young Global Leaders’ efforts under the Global Redesign Initiative.


Fifty-eight proposals for developing and strengthening international cooperation were put forward for discussion at the conference in Doha.

The proposals are the culmination of a dialogue which has been ongoing for over a year and has involved 1,500 experts from the business, political and public spheres, academia and non-governmental organisations.

Integrated thinking

The Global Redesign Initiative was also a key topic at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held in Davos, Switzerland, in January of this year.

The Crown Prince has participated in meetings in Dubai, Davos and now Doha in his role as a Young Global Leader. The Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL) comprises leaders under the age of 40 and is the most important voice for young people in the World Economic Forum. Since the start of summer 2009, the Crown Prince has coordinated the YGL’s efforts and input in relation to the Global Redesign Initiative.

Final report presented

The results of the efforts from the past year and recommendations for further activities were presented to political and business leaders in Doha. The proposals were published in a 600-page report entitled “Everybody’s Business: Strengthening International Cooperation in a More Interdependent World”.

On the first day of the conference, Crown Prince Haakon took part in a panel debate together with Mah Bow Tan (Minister of National Development of Singapore), Amani Abeid Karume (President of Zanzibar), and Arif M. Naqvi (Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of Abraaj Capital). The debate was moderated by Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum. The conference was attended by over 500 participants from more than 90 countries.

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