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Happy Constitution Day!

The Royal Family will take its customary place on the Palace Balcony starting at 10:30 am to greet the Oslo children’s parade.


The Crown Prince and Crown Princess and their family will start the day at Skaugum Estate, where they will greet the Asker municipality children’s parade from 8:15 am.

Children and youths from Sagene, Møllergata, Furuset and Huseby Schools will march at the front of the Oslo children’s parade in honour of Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17th. The four schools, which are all celebrating their 150th anniversaries this year, will lead the parade of 108 schools, while the graduating classes of high school seniors will bring up the rear.


The Royal Family has gathered on the Palace Balcony to greet the children’s parade for more than 100 years. The tradition was introduced by King Haakon in 1906. To learn more about why Norway celebrates 17 May, click on the link on your right.

Visit to the urban district of Nordstrand

For the twelfth consecutive year, members of the Royal Family will pay a visit to one of the Oslo districts on Constitution Day. This year the King and Queen will visit Nordstrand, and the celebratory events in the district will take place at Ekebergsletta. The King and Queen will also visit residents of the Nordstrand Senior Centre. The programme in the district will begin at 4:00 pm.

Photographs will be updated throughout the day.

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