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The Royal House of Norway - English

Åpent Slott 2024

This summer

The Royal Palace is open for tours from June 22 to August 18. This year marks the 175th anniversary of the completion of the Palace and the 750th anniversary of Norway's first nationwide law: Magnus Lagabøte's Landslov, a significant focus of this year's tours.

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In Queen Sonja Art Stable, the public can experience the Royal Family's own photographs in the exhibition "Royal Photographers." In Ridehuset, 43 school banners created between 1886 and 2016, are on display.

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Oscarshall is open for tours until September 15. This summer, visitors can also enjoy the Italian artist Davide Rivalta's animal sculptures in the park surrounding the summer palace.

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During the summer season, the oldest part of the Palace Park – the Queen’s Park - is also open to everyone from seven in the morning to eight in the evening.

Current Activities

Official Engagements

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess attend the Olympic Games in Paris, France (from 6 August).


His Majesty The King grants the Minister of Defence audience (10.45).

Council of State

His Majesty The King presides over the Council of State at the Royal Palace (11:00).