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Craftsmanship at the Royal Palace 

The exhibition Craftmanship at the Royal Palace – 200 years of creations in The Queen Sonja Art Stable is on show from 29 January until 17 September 2023.

The exhibition displays a selection of beautiful handcrafted objects from the Royal Collections. It emphasizes the importance of traditional crafts and provides insight into how these objects were made, as well as how they are still usedand cared for today. 

The Queen Sonja Art Stable

Photo: Øivind Möller Bakken, The Royal Court


Current Activities

Official Engagements

Sámi National Day

His Majesty The King attends the celebration of the Sámi National Day at Oslo City Hall (11:00).


His Royal Highness The Crown Prince grants Chief of the Norwegian Army audience (11:30).

Official luncheon

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince hosts a luncheon for members of the Supreme Court at the Royal Palace (14:00).