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EXPO 2012 Yeosu, Korea

Today His Royal Highness The Crown Prince opened Norway Day at EXPO 2012, the world’s fair being held in Yeosu , South Korea. The theme of EXPO 2012 focuses on the sustainable management of the ocean and coastal areas and of the marine and maritime sectors.


Some eight million people are expected to visit EXPO 2012, which is the 41st world’s fair to be held since the first one was held in London in 1851.

“The Living Ocean and Coast”

The theme of this year’s fair is highly relevant to both Norway and South Korea, and EXPO 2012 offers an excellent opportunity to profile Norwegian expertise and Norwegian companies to a South Korean – and international – audience. Norway’s third largest trading partner in Asia, South Korea is an important partner country for Norwegian trade and industry.

25 148 Destination Norway

Today Crown Prince Haakon opened Norway Day at EXPO 2012. The Crown Prince welcomed the audience to the Norwegian Pavilion and the exhibition entitled 25 148 Destination Norway – a reference to the length of the Norwegian coastline in kilometres. The exhibition takes visitors on a virtual tour along the coast of Norway.

In his opening remarks, the Crown Prince emphasised the significance of this year’s EXPO theme for Norway:

Our presence here is based on three key facts:

  1. We manage our energy and natural resources in a sustainable, efficient and environmental -friendly manner. The use of these resources is to benefit our entire population.
  2. Coastal states share a responsibility to manage their marine resources in a sustainable manner and to contribute to feeding the world’s’ growing population.
  3. Norway’s high-tech maritime and petroleum industries are important parts of our economy. A long maritime and petroleum production experience and dedicated research, have created an innovative industry in Norway that delivers world- class technology.

Following the opening, Crown Prince Haakon visited the thematic pavilion entitled “The Living Ocean and Coast” as well as the national pavilions of South Korea, Indonesia and, of course, Norway.

The Crown Prince also took part in the afternoon meeting of the Korean-Norwegian Economic Cooperation Committee (KNECC) during which representatives of Norwegian and Korean trade and industry discussed green shipping and offshore petroleum activity. The day’s programme was concluded with an official dinner.

Business conference in Seoul

Tomorrow Crown Prince Haakon will be in Seoul where he will take part in a breakfast meeting on green growth and attend a conference at which representatives of the Norwegian and South Korean maritime industries will be discussing their common challenges and interests.

The Crown Prince will also attend an event promoting Norwegian seafood to be held at the Yongsan E-Mart before concluding his visit to South Korea.


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