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Presented the King with their own legislation

Today children from Kapellveien child-care centre presented King Harald with a specially drawn up constitution, in which Article 1 states: “We shall use our hands kindly”.


In this bicentennial year of the Norwegian Constitution, democracy and the right to vote have been important topics of discussion at Kapellveien child-care centre. The adults and children have talked about what these involve and the children have even held an election; using secret ballots and ballot box, the children voted on whether they would prefer a warm lunch or make-your-own sandwiches.

Discussions about the Constitution and other legislation, including why Norway has a statutory framework and who made the first laws, led the children to draw up their own constitution.

Audience with the King

The children were granted an audience by the King to mark national Barnehagedagen ("pre-school day"), which takes place on 18 March. Emrik, Jessica, Agnes, Lars Kasander, Mari and Hennie were accompanied to the Royal Palace today by the director of their child-care centre, Ms Berit Kragebøl, and educational supervisor Ms Heidi Ruud Brabrand.

The children were greeted by the King in the Cabinet Parlour. There they presented their constitution to King Harald, and explained the various articles and the thinking behind these. 

The young guests were treated to refreshments during their visit, enjoying juice and buns baked in the kitchen of the Royal Palace.

We shall use our hands kindly…

Here is the insightful constitution proposed by the children at Kapellveien child-care centre:

  1. We shall use our hands kindly:
    - We shall not hit, kick, push or bite one another.

  2. We shall use our words kindly:
    - We shall not bully, threaten or tease one another.
  1. The older children shall be helpful to the younger children.

  2. Every child shall have the opportunity to play every day.

  3. We shall play together.

  4. All adults shall listen to what the children have to say.

  5. All the people on Earth shall take care of our planet.

  6. All children shall have the chance to go to pre-school.

  7. All children shall have a safe place to live and toys.

  8. All children shall be able to take a holiday with their family.

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