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Promoted Norwegian food in Paris

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince took part in the promotion of Norwegian culinary specialties this afternoon. At La Grande Epicerie, Norwegian salmon and “fenalår” were available for sampling.


Crown Prince Haakon is in Paris for the UNESCO General Conference, where he spoke earlier today. In the afternoon, Innovation Norway organised a “refreshment break”, and the Crown Prince had the opportunity to meet three Norwegian food producers, all at different stages in their international activities.

Salmon and fenalår at La Grande Epicerie

La Grande Epicerie de Paris is an internationally renowned gourmet food store, and inclusion in the store’s product line represents a major step for small-scale Norwegian producers. The salmon producer SALMA is already well established in France, and has received several awards for its fresh salmon loins. Fenalår from Norway (traditional cured leg of mutton) was added to the store’s shelves this summer following the signing in Paris of the first-ever agreement for the export of this Norwegian specialty to French delicatessen shops and gourmet restaurants.

France has a superb culinary tradition based on quality and innovation. The country has also been a pioneer in our understanding of the importance of locally produced food. Fenalår from Norway has a protected geographical indication (PGI) under the EU, and is part of an emerging trend in which local, sustainably produced food meets age-old traditions – and steps out into the international market.

At the starting line

Crown Prince Haakon met with the representatives of SALMA and the Fenalår from Norway producer consortium, and heard about their experiences with the French market. The third Norwegian producer is the Røros Food and Beverage Group, which has not yet established activities abroad, but is seeking to test out its products in France.

In the evening, all three producers took part in the event “Tastes from the North”, which provided more than 70 French journalists with insight into Norway as a culinary destination.

To Lycée Diderot

The Crown Prince concluded his programme in Paris with a visit to Lycée Diderot – a long-established vocational school located in the 19th arrondissement, one of the most multicultural sections of Paris. The school plays a critical role in the effort to prevent exclusion and promote integration and community development. 

Crown Prince Haakon was first given an introduction to the school by Rector Laurent Len, after which he had the chance to observe some of the pupils doing their schoolwork in clock and watch repair, electronics, engineering and computer science. He also met with 14 of the pupils to discuss the meaning of education and dignity for their lives and futures.


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