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Revisiting the consecration ceremony

“Trondheim is a special place for us,” said His Majesty The King upon arrival there on the silver jubilee tour. It was in Trondheim that the consecration ceremony for Their Majesties was held 25 years ago.


After visiting Tromsø and Bodø, The King and Queen arrived in Trondheim today on their silver jubilee tour. In the afternoon King Harald welcomed their guests to a garden party held in their “home” in Trondheim:

“Trondheim is a very special place for us. Not just for the Queen and myself, but because of its long tradition and deep roots for the entire Norwegian monarchy. Nidaros Cathedral shows us how history is woven into our lives and it places us in the long line of people and events that together comprise our nation’s history,” said the King in his opening remarks at the garden party at Stiftsgården.

Celebratory church service

This morning the entire Royal Family was gathered in the cathedral for a church service to mark the consecration anniversary. It was a solemn and personal service that Their Majesties found very moving, in much the same way as consecration ceremony 25 years previously. 

In his speech this afternoon, King Harald thanked everyone for the many wonderful experiences and recalled the day 25 years ago that had given him what he maintains was the best possible start to his Royal office.

“The anniversary church service in Nidaros Cathedral took us right back to 1991,” said the King. 
“The 23rd of June 25 years ago will always be one of the most important days of our lives. There was so much to absorb and the feelings were so intense that the whole family felt a bit shaken when we emerged from the cathedral to the waiting crowds.”

“Both the consecration ceremony itself and the journey that followed were the best start we could have possibly had to our calling. I will never forget our departure from Trondheim. As we sailed from the Ravnkloa quay, watching the cheering crowds and waving flags slowly recede, it began to dawn on me: Now it begins.”

Started the day at Ravnkloa 

The garden party at Stiftsgården was the final event of a day of celebration. The festivities started at 10:00 am with “breakfast with the people” at the Ravnkloa fish market. Mayor of Trondheim Rita Ottervik spoke at the event, which also featured music, children’s art and breakfast delicacies.

The day came to a close with the garden party at Stiftsgården, which is the Royal Family’s official residence in Trondheim. The 600 guests included President of the Storting Olemic Thommesen, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway Toril Marie Øie.


The King and Queen are now halfway through this summer’s anniversary tour. This evening they will continue down the coast on the Royal Yacht. The next stop is Bergen on Saturday, 25 June.




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