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"TEXTURE" on show in London

Her Majesty Queen Sonja and Magne Furuholmen have collaborated on an artistic project in support of the Queen Sonja Print Award. Tonight, the exhibition “TEXTURE” opens in London.


Queen Sonja and Magne Furuholmen will both be present at the opening in Paul Stolper Gallery. 

Text + nature = texture

‘Texture’ is an artistic collaboration, both thematically and literally of Her Majesty and Magne Furuholmen; "since I work mainly with text and she with nature, we made the amalgam word ‘texture' (text + nature = texture)”, Mr. Furuholmen explained earlier.

Queen Sonja has already been making editions of prints for the past five years, etchings of her own photography from walks in nature. Furuholmen took these close-ups of rock-surfaces as a point of departure, adding to them photos of his own sculptures; details of the deformed clay from his own sculptural works-in-progress.

The result is a very close working relationship, where they would occasionally interchange each other’s plates and treat them in a non-proprietary way, mixing in colours and techniques on each other’s etching plates, ending up with shared prints where it is unclear who did what, when, and who reacted to which 'statements’.

The portfolio

‘Texture’ is a portfolio of ten prints. There are four individual prints by each artist. There are also two prints in an edition of twenty, made exclusively for the portfolio, signed by both Her Majesty and Magne Furuholmen. The prints are a combination of etching and photopolymer printed at Ateljé Larsen in Helsingborg, Sweden, 2015.

The exhibition in Paul Stolper Gallery extend from September 28th – October 15th 2016.



Impressions of "Texture". Photo: Christian Lagaard, the Royal Court

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