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Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant 2017

Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant is announced every second year on 5 September. Tonight, Her Majesty The Queen announced the 2017 recipient at an event in Queen Sonja Art Stable. 


All of the Nordic countries are represented among the nominees, and the jury has assessed 36 candidates of high artistic quality.

The Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant is being presented this year to the Norwegian artist Julie Ebbing (born 1985).

The jury's decision

The jury's decision is based on Ms Ebbing's interpretations of a traditional printmaking technique placing it within a contemporary, modern framework. Although the artist is a recent graduate, her projects are perceived as mature and consistent.

The core of Ms Ebbing’s artistic practice is woodcut. She combines this technique with installations, sculpture, painting, drawing, embroidery, collage, found objects, performance and text. Ms Ebbing injects raw energy into her woodcut works. She is able to exploit the uniqueness of the woodcut technique within the given framework while at the same time creating new contexts.

Ms Ebbing draws art history into her works, and her art offers both political and social commentary. The artist herself characterises her use of woodcut as somewhere between handicraft and vandalism. Ms Ebbing’s artistic practice is both relevant and innovative in terms of the medium and thematic focus.

Work by Julie Ebbing. Photo: Niklas Lello


The Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant is announced every second year on 5 September, the birthday of the late Mr Nupen. The grant is awarded to a Nordic artist who is currently pursuing, or has recently completed, his or her education, and whose artistic works make active use of printmaking as an important means of expression.

The grant is a collaboration between master printer Bill Goldston at Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE) and HM Queen Sonja Art Foundation, with the board of the Foundation serving as the jury. The artists are nominated by the larger academies of art and the printmaking organisations in their respective countries

Educational stay

The Memorial Grant comprises a 10-day educational stay at ULAE’s renowned printmaking workshop on Long Island, New York, and a cash prize of NOK 50 000 to cover expenses for travel and materials.


HM Queen Sonja Art Foundation congratulates Julie Ebbing on the Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant for 2017.



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