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Thank you from King Harald and Queen Sonja

Today, 17 January 2021, it has been 30 years since Their Majesties The King and Queen became the King and Queen of Norway. Here is their greeting to the people of Norway.


On 17 January, we have been the King and Queen of Norway for 30 years. We are so very thankful to have shared these years with you.

We have been able to follow Norway and the Norwegian people through an exciting time of development and transition.

We think back with gratitude to the several hundred trips and visits we have carried out throughout this beautiful country in the course of these years. We recall the many opportunities we have had to meet people – high in the mountains, on the plateaus, along the coast, and in the forests, cities and towns. We have come together in all kinds of weather, under all kinds of conditions. We have shared happy, joyful moments – and times of sadness and mourning.

(In Norwegian) For 30 years King Harald and Queen Sonja have been Norway's King and Queen. Photo: NRK, NTB, HM the King's Guard, the Royal Court.

We have always been received with great warmth and hospitality when we come to visit – no matter the occasion. This is something that we deeply appreciate.  

We have come to know a diverse people who manifest creativity, vitality and resilience in everything they do. Who see possibilities – and who, above all, care about each other. Throughout Norway, we encounter people who nurture an abiding love for their home towns, their local communities, and their fellow human beings.

This makes us endlessly happy and proud.

Thank you for accompanying us on our journey so far!

Photo album: King and Queen for 30 years


A thank you to the people of Norway from King Harald and Queen Sonja who have been Norway's King and Queen for 30 years today, 17 January 1991. Photo: NRK / the Royal Court

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