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Christmas wishes from the King

His Majesty King Harald sends this greeting to all as the Christmas holidays begin:


To all the people of Norway

Christmas this year is once again not quite as we had foreseen. Many people are starting the holiday feeling disappointed, missing their families, and with deep concerns about what is to come.

It is my fervent hope for all of you that this Christmas season will nonetheless be a time of warmth and caring.

Christmas greeting from King Harald. Photo: NRK

It is important to keep in mind all the things that each one of us can do:
Pick up the phone and call someone who wants to hear from you.
Send a message to someone who needs it.
Take a walk with someone you care about.

Each of us has the ability to make life a little brighter for those around us.

My family and I wish each and every one of you a very happy Christmas!


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