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"Two Lives – One Mission"

"Two Lives - One Mission" is the title of the Åpent Slott special exhibition, which will open on 23 June for the 2007 season. The exhibition honours Their Majesties The King and Queen, who are both celebrating their 70th birthdays this year.


The exhibition at the Royal Palace tells the story of the life and work of the King and Queen using photographs and artefacts as well as a presentation of private and ceremonial attire.

The items will be on display in the finest rooms of the Palace: the Small Ceremonial Hall, the Great Hall (the Ballroom) and the Banqueting Hall. The Royal Palace is open to the public from Saturday 23 June to Sunday 12 August. Visitors must follow a guided tour. Tickets may be purchased at any Norwegian post office. Remaining tickets will be sold at the entrance before each tour.

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