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Munch and modernity

Her Majesty Queen Sonja attended the opening of the Edvard Munch exhibition entitled Zeichen der Moderne (“Signs of Modernity”) at the Fondation Beyeler museum in Riehen near Basel, Switzerland, on 17 March 2007. The Queen is the patron of the exhibition.


The exhibition Edvard Munch – Signs of Modernity is the largest exhibition of Munch’s works in Switzerland in many years. The theme is Munch’s contribution to the development of 20th century art through his unconventional and experimental handling of motifs and materials. On display are about 140 of Munch’s works, which are on loan from European and American institutions as well as private collectors. The curator for the exhibition is Dieter Buchhart, in collaboration with Christoph Vitali, Ulf Küster and Philippe Büttner.

Since its founding over ten years ago, Fondation Beyeler has attained an exceptionally strong position among art professionals and the general public as one of Europe’s foremost museums. Fondation Beyeler’s collections are of high artistic calibre, and the museum hosts many prestigious external exhibitions. The Munch exhibition is the first special exhibition during the museum’s jubilee year.

The exhibition will be on display 18 March – 15 July 2007.

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