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The celebration continues

The Royal Yachts Norge and Dannebrog and the KNM Horten have left Stavanger, and the barges carrying the Royal party arrived in Spangereid on Thursday morning. Later in the day, the trip continued on to the lighthouse at Lindesnes.


The barges carrying the Royal Family and their guests arrived at Spangereid Canal just after 10:30 on Thursday morning.

The village of Spangereid is an old area of settlement, with archaeological finds dating back to the Iron Age and the age of the Great Migrations. One of the major historical artefacts discovered are the remains an ancient canal. A new canal has recently been completed in Spangereid, and was inaugurated by Queen Sonja during her visit.

Lindesnes Lighthouse

Just after noon, the Royal guests arrived at Lindesnes Lighthouse.

Lindesnes is located at the southernmost tip of Norway, and there has been a beacon here since 1656, when it was erected on the orders of King Fredrik III. The lighthouse was last renovated and modernised in 1920, and has been preserved in that form.

The Royal Family and guests are due to arrive in Ny Hellesund on Thursday at 20:00.

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