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The Palace open to the public

The public season at the Royal Palace started Saturday. The Palace will be open to visitors from 21 June to 17 August. The guided tour takes visitors through some of the most beautiful state rooms in the Royal Palace.


This year, the guided tours concentrate on the history of the Palace, and the decoration and function of the various rooms. A display case has been mounted in the Ballroom to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Medal of Merit.

The medal was founded by King Haakon VII in 1908, and a table in the Banqueting Hall has been laid to illustrate the setup of a festive meal at that time. The table features pieces that King Haakon and Queen Maud started to use during their first years as Norway’s new King and Queen.

Queen Maud was given a magnificent table service by the English people in honour of her coronation in 1906. It consisted in part of 24 gilded silver charger plates, 140 silver plates, gilded dessert cutlery for 120 persons, four gilded silver copies of the Warwick urn, ten silver trays of various sizes and two gilded candelabra. The service has later been supplemented, and is used for special occasions.

The Warwick urns and the candelabra are exhibited as table ornaments in the Banqueting Hall. So are the silver charger plates that were part of the coronation gift from the people of Denmark and a large silver urn with a gilded interior that was a coronation gift from the people of Scotland.

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