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Cartoons on HIV and AIDS

Norwegian artists are making use of cartoons to combat stigmatisation and discrimination against people with HIV.


The cartoons were drawn in connection with the AIDS conference Young Leaders Summit II at the initiative of Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess.

The use of cartoonists is part of the effort to employ new forms of communication to spread information about the highly complex issue of HIV/AIDS.

The cartoons were drawn by Siri Pettersen, Ingalill Røsberg, Mads Eriksen and Madeleine Bertelsen.

The summit was held on 23-25 June at Losby Manor outside Oslo, and was attended by 28 young leaders from all over the world. Young people are at particular risk of contracting HIV. Youth leadership is therefore essential to HIV and AIDS-related activities.

Throughout the summit, the young leaders shared their experiences and ideas on YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and blogs.

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