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Nobel Peace Prize exhibition

Their Majesties The King and Queen travelled to Cape Town for the second day of their state visit to South Africa, where they attended an official luncheon with the South African Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and their representatives.


Later in the day, the Queen opened the exhibition entitled “Strengths and Convictions”. Cape Town, South Africa’s second largest city, is known internationally for its beautiful harbour and landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point.

The King and Queen met with Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Desmond Tutu, Frederik Willem de Klerk and representatives for Nelson Mandela and Albert Luthuli at an official luncheon. The daughters of Mandela and Luthuli, Maki Mandela and Albertina Nomathuli Luthuli, represented their fathers.

Opened “Strengths and Convictions”

Queen Sonja opened “Strengths and Convictions” in the South African National Gallery. The exhibition presents the lives and contemporary times of the four Nobel Peace Prize laureates from South Africa. Photographs, modern works of art and short films have been compiled to depict the country’s turbulent history and transition from apartheid to a democratic society.

In her opening remarks, the Queen held up South Africa as an example for other countries to follow:

South Africa has taught the world what can be done when you have visionary statesmen and courageous people. Your country has shown us what can be done when you have strengths and convictions.

The exhibition will be on display in Oslo from June to November 2010 and will travel to London in the spring of 2011. Later in the day, the King and Queen met with representatives of the Norwegian business sector who have dealings with South Africa.

Cultural evening with Boine and Madosini

In the evening, King Harald and Queen Sonja attended a cultural event in which the Mari Boine Band performed with South African artists Madosini and the Abaqondisi Brothers.

Mari Boine is recognised on the international stage as an outstanding representative of Sámi culture, combining Sámi folk music with a number of other musical genres. She recorded her most recent album with Madosini.

Madosini, who is based in Langa township outside of Cape Town, is renowned as a talented musician, storyteller and dancer. Like Boine, Madosini has her roots in traditional music.

Performing along with Boine and Madosini were the Abaqondisi Brothers (Brothers of Understanding), a 12-member choir which sings a cappella.

A Taste of Norway

The evening concluded with a “Taste of Norway” buffet featuring Norwegian specialities prepared for a large number of guests by chefs from both Norway and South Africa.

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