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The Green Climate Fund Project

Speech by given by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince at the launch of the Green Climate Fund project to scale up climate resilient water management practices for vulnerable communities in La Mojana, Colombia, 13 February 2019.

Dear Minister, ladies and gentlemen
– amigos todos: Gracias por recibirme aquí en La Mojana.

Thank you to all of you for welcoming me to your beautiful part of Colombia.
Thank you for welcoming me to the launch of this important project

As UNDP´s Goodwill Ambassador, it is a privilege to be here with you today and get to know the impressive work you have been doing to build a sustainable and resilient La Mojana.

The previous speakers have clearly outlined why today is an important day, and why this is a very important project for all of the people who live in this region.

But I would also say that this project, and what it represents, is an important example for many parts of the world beyond Colombia.

As Colombians, you are showing other parts of the world that it is possible to move forward after a very difficult period in your country. By working together, you are building a better future.

But it is also how you do it which is an inspiration. Here in Colombia, you are addressing the interconnected aspects of Peace, Development and the Environment together - in a holistic manner.

Peace, Development and Environment - these three aspects are of course connected: There can be no true Peace without Development. There can be no Development without Peace.

And for Development to be sustainable, it must take into account the Environment. We have to think about the future and the generations to come.

We must succeed in addressing all three aspects if we are to leave this earth a safe and good place for our children’s children.

Here in Colombia, you are trying to do exactly this: you are building a better future for your country by addressing all three aspects together. It is not easy, but you are making important progress.

I am proud to see that UNDP and Norway are partners to Colombia in building peace, creating development and taking care of the environment.

The interlinkages of these aspects and others is also a core component of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. These are Global Goals that address all sectors and addresses a broad range of issues. They are 17 different goals, but they are all interconnected.

One of the Sustainable Development goals is about partnership - how we work together. I think this goal is very important. Here in La Mojana you illustrate the importance of partnership very well: it is clear how both the government, local communities and the UN are working together.

Too often, this is not the case. Too often we focus only on one thing, our area of expertise, and we only work within our organisation. But this is not enough: we must work together across sectors and thematic areas. This is how we find the best solutions and make the most lasting impact.

In this sense – this project and the work you as Colombians are doing, is an inspiration to the world. Your cooperation across former conflict lines is inspiring. Your work to use the the Green Climate Fund to make a difference in local communities, such as here, is an inspiration.

What you are doing here is a model that I hope can be replicated not only in elsewhere in Colombia, but also in other places around the world.

I would like to commend the Government of Colombia and the important work you are doing to address climate change on the global stage in the framework from the Paris Agreement. But I also want to applaud the Government of Colombia for the important work they are doing to make a difference for local communities, like here today.

More importantly, I congratulate the communities that have been working so hard to recover not only your livelihoods, but also the beautiful wetlands of La Mojana. With your actions, you are making a huge contribution to your community, your country and our planet - nuestra casa común.

I know that UNDP and Norway will continue to support the Colombian Government and local communities in your efforts towards peace, - your efforts towards development, - and your efforts to take care of the environment. We are your partners in all three areas.

In the end, all you do here, and all the UN is doing with the Sustainable Development Goals, is all really about people. People today - , and the people of the future.

It is about a better life for all, where no one is left behind.
And it is also people who have to make the difference. People like you and me. We. What we do, matters.

If we all do our part, working towards common goals, I have great hope for the future.

It is an honor being here – seeing what you are doing for a better future for all of us.

Otra vez, gracias por darme una bienvenida tan calorosa.
Buena suerte y muchas gracias.




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