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State visit from Italy: Greeting at energy seminar

Speech given by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Regent at the energy seminar "Greening the Future" at NTNU in Trondheim during the state visit from Italy 12 May 2023.


Dear participants

I am pleased to accompany your excellency President Mattarella, and Miss Mattarella here in Trondheim and at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – a national centre for new ideas and innovation that we here are very proud of. 

The university and its research clusters have given Trondheim a strong reputation as a hub for innovation and excellence. Top-class researchers from all over the world work here. They develop solutions that will bring us forward, towards a more climate friendly future.

An important element in the energy transition is the development of new skills, and to open unexplored potential on the research front. Partnerships between universities are key factors in this work. The collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and the university here in Trondheim serves as a good example. 

The ENHANCE Alliance aims to empower students, researchers, and society to address the challenges of tomorrow responsibly, challenges set out in the Green Deal and Digital Transformation. 

The Green Economy Transition Programmes at Politecnico di Milano are impressive and may serve as an example on how to develop and promote climate-friendly technology in markets. They overcome barriers and increase businesses' ability to innovate in all areas of climate tech development and deployment. 

Earlier, some of the researchers here today explained to us how new sources of renewable energy and innovative technologies can reduce emissions. It is impressive, and it gives us hope for the future.

For sure, the transition from green innovation to green implementation can be challenging. To succeed, we must invest in human capital and knowledge. And we must collaborate. Industry and universities must continue to work together. They must join forces across national borders. 

I am pleased to see representatives from Italian and Norwegian industry and research here today, discussing what we can learn from each other. Fortunately, the interaction between business, government and the research community in Italy and Norway is already constructive and rewarding:

One example is the cooperation between the University of Bari and Statkraft Italy. They have joined forces in combining solar panels with farming to increase productivity in both areas. 

Another good case is Saipem’s CO2 solutions technology used in the Hafslund CO2 capture plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo.  

I would also like to pay a special tribute to the many Italian researchers and students working and studying here in Trondheim. The contribution from the students and researchers is invaluable, it not only strengthens the ties between our two countries, but you are also part of a common international effort to reach the climate goals.  

I am convinced that our cooperation will develop further. Both Italy and Norway are in a good position to promote innovative green solutions. We are coastal states with strong maritime sectors. Both the North Sea and the Central Mediterranean will be key to the production and transit of green energy in Europe in the years to come.  

This will highlight that we must not lose sight of the possibilities, nor forget our responsibility towards future generations.

I would like to congratulate you all for making this conference happen. Hopefully, it will prepare the ground for an even stronger green collaboration between Italy and Norway. 

Thank you. 



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