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Official visit to USA: Reception in Seattle

Speech given by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince during a reception at the National Nordic Museum in Seattle 17 April 2024.

Good evening, everyone,  
Are you all doing well?

It’s very nice to be back here at the National Nordic Museum after a full day of visiting some of the key digital actors of our time.

Seattle is a city which is close to the elements. Its closeness to the sea, the mountains and the forests make us Norwegians feel very much at home.

I really appreciate these surroundings as a frame for all our focus on technology during these days. Because we must not forget that we are in fact part of nature, and that we must take care of each other. Nature-care is self-care. Nature grounds us and reconnects us. To what we are, to each other, to the people who have lived before.

This brings me back to this museum, and to the strong ties between our countries and our peoples:   

Next year marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the ship Restauration on American shores. This was the beginning of Norwegian immigration to the US, which culminated in nearly a third of Norway’s population finding a new home here.

Those first Norwegian immigrants gave up everything they knew in the hope of building a new life in America. After they got here, they never forgot their Norwegian roots. Today, approximately 10 % of Washington’s population consider themselves Norwegian-American.       

For my family, the US holds a special place in our hearts.  

My father, King Harald, spent several years of his childhood living in Washington DC with his mother and sisters while the second world war was raging in Europe. As so often before, the US provided shelter and care for people in need, who were fleeing from war and threats.    

My father has visited the US many times since then, including a trip to Seattle nine years ago. He sends his warmest regards to everyone of you. 

Still today, Norwegians keep coming to the US full of hopes and dreams. Not so much for survival anymore, but with hope for a breakthrough in creative arts such as film and music – or in entrepreneurship. They come for studies, for work or even for love.     

I would like to thank all the participants at today’s conference, everyone here and everyone I have met in Seattle. I hope this visit will lead to increased partnerships and further strengthen our friendship and our cooperation.  

Thank you.




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