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Kronprinsessens litteraturtog: Røros

Speech given by Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess during a literature event on the occasion of The Literary train tour in Storstuggu in Røros 12 June 2024.

Kjære alle sammen

Velkommen til dette festfyrverkeriet av en kveld her på Storstuggu!

Great literature can remind us about who we are. About the ideas we believe in, about the values that are most important to us. 

Virginie Despentes does that. She writes with ferocity, compassion, and beauty. Reading her is like being swept up by a tornado. It is impossible not to let oneself ramble around in her ideas.

When I read her works, I stop, I think, I forget what I thought was a groundbreaking truth for me, and then I join the rollercoaster again. That's how reading Virginie is to me. 

Between her first book Baise-moi from 1993, to feminist manifesto King Kong Theory, and her latest book, Cher connard from 2022, she has contributed with a wide range of novels, non-fiction works and contributions to film, taking her from being a distinct voice in French society to literary superstardom.

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity to talk to what must be one of the most brilliant women around. 

One say you should never meet your heroes, but let’s give it a try! Welcome on stage Virginie Despentes!


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