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Norwegian Seafood Chef Seminar

Speech given by HM Queen Sonja at the opening of the Norwegian Seafood Chef Seminar in Rio de Janeiro, during the state vist to Brasil, October 2003.

Distinguished guests,

Food plays a basic role in the cultural and social life of people. The proverb “the way to a man’s hearth goes through his stomach”, is known to all. Among craftsmen and peasants it is often said: “A man works as he eats”. And in Germany they have a saying: “After one has eaten and drunk, evil is no more”.

During the last couple of days I have had the privilege to learn more about Brazilian cuisine, with its variety of culinary traditions and exotic mix of ingredients. It has indeed been an interesting and well-tasting experience.

I am particularly happy to see that one of the most traditional Norwegian seafood products, Bacalhau da Noruega, still has such a strong position in Brazilian kitchens. I am also delighted to see that there is a Brazilian Club of bacalhau restaurants and that this club is organizing a special festival in honour of our State Visit.

Today the art of food making is gaining an increasing attention. I hope that this seminar, and all the other activities organised by the Norwegian Seafood Export Council, will be fruitful and bring inspiration. In this way you may contribute to further strengthen the relations between our two countries in the culinary field.

I hereby declare the Norwegian Seafood Chef Seminar open.


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