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Career Fair 2010: Opening speech

Speech by Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess at the opening of the Career Fair 2010 at BI School of Management, 30 September.

Good morning everyone,
I am pleased to see so many of my fellow students present here this morning for the opening of the Career Fair 2010. Today is a unique opportunity to form partnerships between potential employers and employees. Entering work life after completed studies is a two way process. As students, you need to make yourselves attractive to employers. But companies have to make an equal effort to attract the best students. Students today ask their potential employers: What can you offer? Can I fulfill my potential within your company? Can you live up to my dream?

Students at BI School of Management have made an important choice in life just by signing up for the school. Together with students in higher education all around the country, you represent the real value, the most precious resource in Norway today. In the public debate, we sometimes ask: How can we secure future wealth and welfare in Norway - when the oil runs out? We tend to forget that the answer is you.

The success factor for Norway many years ahead is young, educated people that are prepared to take positions that form building bricks in a sustainable future. A prosperous future for Norway is based on innovation and research - in areas such as renewable energy and marine technology – just to mention two.

Businesses today have to be brave. When looking for the right people, they must dare pursuing one of the most precious competitive advantages in our global world: Highly educated people with multicultural competence as part of their own background.

I have been lucky to be part of a mentorship program organised by HSH for two years – mentoring a young woman from Mosambique. The prerequisite for the program is that Norwegian businesses cannot afford to miss the valuable competence that a multicultural background represents in Norway today.

BI is a great starting point for work life. I have had the pleasure of studying part time for 2 years now – and have just started my 3rd year. I’ve been through all the agony, stress and chocolate-dependent, sleepless periods of exams. But also the wonderful learning environment, the amazing staff, great colleagues – and fulfilling, practical studies.

For obvious reasons I may not find it so useful to discuss career opportunities with the companies present here today. But I strongly recommend students to take this opportunity and visit some of the 100 pluss stands. For some, this could be a life-changing day.

With these words, before I head off to my own classroom, I declare the Career Fair 2010 officially open.


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Kronprinsessen åpner karrieredagene på BI. Foto: Ida Fjeldbraaten, Det kongelige hoff