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USA: The King's speech at the NACC

Speech given by His Majesty King Harald at the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) in New York during an official visit to the United States 13 - 22 October 2011.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all I wish to take a moment to thank the American people for their generous support and compassion in the wake of the terrible events in Norway on July 22, 2011. You showed once again why the United States will always have such a special place in the hearts of all Norwegians. The Queen and I thank you all.

The Queen and I are very pleased to be present here today, joining members of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce in celebrating the recipients of the Chamber’s prestigious Trade and Achievement awards.

The Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce works to promote trade and goodwill between Norway and the United States of America. The Chamber has substantially influenced the development of trade and has taken an active role in expanding the scope of Norwegian business in the United States.

Norway has traditionally been dependent on heavy industry, shipping and the exports of raw materials. Export of natural resources like oil, gas and fish are still Norway’s main industries. However Norwegian exploration, drilling and supply companies increasingly compete on the global market. These companies are exporting Norwegian knowledge. The services and the knowledge economy are important in the trade relations between our two countries. In addition the creative businesses are bringing more Norwegians to the US, to work within design, fashion, media, music, arts and IT.

The fashion designers in Moods of Norway have successfully exported their designs to the United States. They are this year’s recipients of the Trade Award. Moods of Norway has both strong Norwegian roots and flourishing international branches. They are representatives of the up-and-coming Norwegian fashion and creative industries, and a symbol of a new generation of Norwegian businesses in the US. Congratulations to all of you.

The Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce is also about fostering goodwill and personal connections between Norway and the US. Our well-known long distance runner, the late Grete Waitz, is a legend in Norway as well as in New York. She was a recipient of the Achievement Award in 2005 in recognition of both her accomplishments in running, as well as her inspirational work. In her later years, she was admired for her incredible work for the cancer cause. She shared this passion with her husband Jack. They supported the founding of Aktiv Mot Kreft, established by Helle Aanesen in 2007. I would like to congratulate Jack Waitz, Helle Aanesen and Aktiv Mot Kreft with the Achievement Award.

I wish today’s recipients the best of luck in your future endeavours.



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