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Dear park guests

We are very pleased that so many people visit the Palace Park. Everyone is welcome – all we ask is that you help us to care for our park.

Thousands of people visit the Palace Park each day. Some are only passing through on their way to work, school or an errand, while others take their time, sit down, look around.
In order to care for our park and at the same time ensure that all visitors have the best experience possible, we ask that you comply with the following rules.

Please walk on the grass

Feel free to walk, sit or lie on the grass.
Areas that are newly sown or cannot be walked on for another reason will be closed off or marked with a sign.

Do not cook on a grill

Grilling in the Palace Park is not permitted. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy your food and drink. But please leave your grill at home.

Disposable grills kill the grass. Then, weeds quickly take over in the bare areas left by the grills. In other words, the use of grills means ugly patches and more weeds in the lawns. We like to see people using and enjoying the park. But we would ask that you do not cook on a grill.

Use the rubbish bins

With many people enjoying picnics in the park, rubbish accumulates quickly. Please take your rubbish with you or place it in one of the many bins along the paths when you leave.

Litter attracts rats and seagulls. We prefer squirrels and ducks in our park.

Ball-playing and games

Ball-playing and other games must not damage the plants or trees – or be a nuisance to other guests.


If you are using the trees for slacklining, please anchor the line carefully. It is important to have wide anchor slings, ideally with some sort of padding underneath, that distribute the load between the slackline and the tree to avoid damaging the tree.


You are also welcome to walk your dog in the Palace Park, but please show consideration. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, year round, and kept away from the flower beds. And please remember to use dog waste bags.


Cycling is permitted in the Palace Park, but there is a speed limit of 5 km per hour, or roughly walking pace. If you are in a hurry, we ask you to please cycle outside the park. There are bicycle lanes along the length the park, extending from Wergelandsveien to Uranienborgveien, along Parkveien to the roundabout and all the way down to Frederiks gate.



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