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Princess Märtha Louise's Fund

Princess Märtha Louise's Fund was established on 15 September 1972 with an original capital of NOK 75,000. The return on the fund’s investments is used to provide assistance to children with disabilities under the age of 16 in Norway.

The allocation of grants takes place each year on 22 September, which is Princess Märtha Louise’s birthday.


Allocations from the fund are awarded to projects carried out by non-governmental organisations, and aim to benefit as many children with disabilities as possible. Funding is normally not allocated to private individuals.

Priority is given to projects in which children will benefit directly from the funding. Funding may not be used to cover ordinary operating expenses. The fund targets specific needs not otherwise eligible for funding from the national or local government. Allocations are therefore earmarked for initiatives designed to enrich the daily lives of children with disabilities. Only in exceptional cases is funding granted to the same project for more than two consecutive years.


In 2023 the fund received 65 applications, of which 34 were approved. The total allocation each year varies between 350.000-450.000 NOK.

The board

Appointed by Her Majesty The Queen, the fund’s board is chaired by Princess Märtha Louise. The other board members are Ms Kristine Ryssdal, Ms Karin Liabø and Mr Ole Jacob Sunde.

The Chancery of the Order is responsible for administration of the fund, and the Head of the Chancery of the Order, Ms Mette Tverli, serves as the fund’s general manager.

The fund also has an affiliated advisory board comprised of Mr Odd Bakken, Mr Nils Erik Ness og Ms Hanne Ramstad Jensen.


Only non-governmental organisations within Norway are eligible to receive grants from the fund.



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Princess Märtha Louise speaks on the Foundation (in Norwegian). Photo: Christian Lagaard, The Royal Court.

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If you would like to make a donation to Princess Märtha Louise's Fund, please use:  

  • IBAN: NO55 6058 0505 441