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The King's Orb

The royal orb is a traditional symbol of monarchical power.

The royal orb symbolises the earth. Since Hellenic times, the globe has served as a sign of sovereign power. The Roman emperors used the globe as a symbol of their world domination, usually with the goddess of victory positioned on top. In the 400s the goddess was replaced with a cross, symbolising the sovereignty of Christ.

The Norwegian King's Orb was made by Adolf Zethelius in Stockholm in 1818 as part of the regalia commissioned by King Carl Johan for his own coronation.


Fashioned of gilt silver, the King's Orb is divided by a horizontal gold band decorated with small gold roses. The upper half is divided by a corresponding vertical band. A miniature orb with an embossed Latin cross rests on top.

Height: 14 cm
Diameter: 10 cm
Weight: 384 g




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