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The Queen's Orb

The Queen's Orb was made for the planned coronation of Queen Désirée in 1830.

According to earlier tradition from the European continent, the royal orb served only as a symbol of the monarch's power. In 1568 Sweden’s King Erik XIV began a new tradition by including a royal orb as part of the regalia conferred on his wife, Karin Månsdatter. This tradition was carried on in Norway.

Fashioned in gilt silver, the Queen’s Orb was fashioned by Erik Lundberg in Stockholm in 1830.


The Queen's Orb is slightly higher than that of the monarch. A band decorated with amethysts divides the orb down the middle. A corresponding band divides the upper half vertically in two. On the top rests a miniature orb of blue enamel, which is divided in half by a band of 30 small pearls. The cross on the top consists of eight small pearls.

Height: 16 cm
Diameter: 10 cm
Weight: 436 g




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