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Queen Sonja's School Award

Queen Sonja’s School Award is awarded every other year to a school that has demonstrated excellence in its efforts to promote inclusion and equality.

The prize focuses on schools that provide pupils with an academic, social and cultural fellowship. All pupils should feel that they are valued participants in the school community. At the same time the schools must ensure that pupils receive an appropriate and equitable education that takes into account individual differences.

Criteria for the award

The award is presented to a school that works actively to promote equality and inclusion and meets the following criteria:

  • The school takes a long-term, systematic and knowledge-based approach in its efforts to ensure an optimum learning environment for its pupils.
  • The school promotes inclusion and equality in such a way that each individual pupil feels appreciated in an environment that cultivates co-participation, security and community spirit.
  • The school is characterised by the positive relationship between the pupils and the teaching staff, – and by the close cooperation between the school and the home.

Queen Sonja visits the school and presents the award herself. This is from Firda Upper Secondary School in Sogn and Fjordane. Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, The Royal Court


Queen Sonja's School Award was first presented in 2006. Since then the following schools have been awarded the prize:

  • 2021: Sandnessjøen Upper Secondary School, Nordland
  • 2019: Stigeråsen primary school, Telemark
  • 2018: Apalløkka School, Oslo
  • 2017: Firda Upper Secondary School, Sogn og Fjordane
  • 2016: Ila primary school, Sør-Trøndelag
  • 2015: Gjøvik Upper Secondary School, Oppland
  • 2014: Thor Heyerdahl Upper Secondary School, Vestfold
  • 2013: Porsgrunn Upper Secondary School, Telemark
  • 2012: Fagerlund School in Ringsaker, Hedmark
  • 2011: Malakoff School in Moss, Østfold
  • 2010: Kaupanger School in Sogndal, Sogn og Fjordane
  • 2009: Flåtestad School in Oppegård, Akershus
  • 2008: Løkenåsen School in Lørenskog, Akershus
  • 2007: Apeltun School in Bergen, Hordaland
  • 2006: Aspervika School in Sandnes, Rogaland

Queen Sonja visits Stigeråsen primary school in 2019. Photo: Sara Svanemyr, the Royal Court

The prize

The prize consists of a diploma, a cash prize of NOK 250 000 and a print entitled "Vekst" ("Growth") by Her Majesty. Queen Sonja presents the award herself during a visit to the school.

The award is administered by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. One or two candidates are nominated by the Office of the County Governor in each county.




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In Norwegian only: In 2012 the Award was presented to Fagerlund School in Ringsaker. Photo: The Royal Court.