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Expo 2012: Norway Day opening speech

Speech given by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon at the opening of Norway Day at the International EXPO in Yeosu, 14 May 2012.

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,

(“How are you?”).

I am honoured to visit the Republic of Korea for the second time. Your country made a very strong impression on me when I visited for the first time in 2007. The bond between our countries has grown stronger in pace with the Republic of Korea’s astonishing development in recent decades.

I would like to congratulate the Republic of Korea on hosting the World Expo 2012 on the coast of Yeosu. The exhibition will allow over one hundred nations to present their country. We are grateful for this opportunity to show the best of Norway to a large Korean and international audience.

The theme of this year’s EXPO, “The Living Ocean and Coast – Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities”, is highly relevant for Norway in terms of geography, political focus and industry. Our presence here is based on three key facts:

  1. We manage our energy and natural resources in a sustainable, efficient and environmental friendly manner. The use of these resources is to benefit our entire population.
  2. Coastal states share a responsibility to manage their marine resources in a sustainable manner and to contribute to feed the worlds’ growing population.
  3. Norway’s high-tech maritime and petroleum industries are important parts of our economy. A long maritime and petroleum production experience and dedicated research, have created an innovative industry in Norway that delivers world class technology.

I hope you will enjoy our exhibition “25 148 Destination Norway” – 25 148 being the length of the Norwegian coastline in kilometres. The exhibition will take you on an interactive virtual tour along the Norwegian coast. It will show you venues, culture, industries and technology that we are extremely proud of. I hope this exhibition will inspire you to visit our country.

I have been looking very much forward to this day, and I am confident that it will represent South-Korean and Norwegian cooperation at its best. Norway Day is an outstanding opportunity to promote and strengthen the fruitful relations between our two countries.

(Thank you)



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