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Princess Ingrid Alexandra's confirmation: The Queen's speech

Her Majesty The Queen's speech to Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra during luncheon at the Royal Palace 31 August 2019.

Your Majesty,
President of the Storting,
Prime Minister,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,
Family and friends,

My dearest Ingrid,
The big day has finally arrived! This is your day, my dear granddaughter!

We are so proud of you, your grandfather and I, and so happy to be able to celebrate your big day here at the Palace – after the beautiful ceremony in the chapel. Your father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all confirmed there as well. And you should know that you had a very easy time of it today, comparatively speaking, because when your grandfather was confirmed he was examined all by himself by the bishop for a full hour! There was no mercy back then!

He has admitted to me that one of the questions he was asked was where he had been baptised, and he did not know the answer offhand. His parents were both seated right there, pointing discreetly to the floor – to signal that his christening had been right there, in the chapel.

Things have obviously changed for the better over time – also the experience of being a royal confirmand! Of course, it is possible you found it to be a bit lonely without the other members of your confirmation class...

To all of our guests, we are very pleased you could join us on this happy occasion! Each and every one of you helps in a unique way to shape Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s life. We are filled with gratitude that you could be here with us today. A special thank-you to those of you who have travelled far to share this day with us.

Ingrid – you are surrounded by people who care deeply about you. You have a large family. An extremely large family. You have godparents who have played a special role in your life going back to your christening. You have many friends. And you live in a country, among a people – represented by many of the guests here today – who are following you with enthusiasm and anticipation. 

It seems like just yesterday you were being carried to the christening font!

Over the past 15 years you have developed into an insightful, knowledgeable, beautiful and sociable young woman, who cares deeply about people, animals and nature.

The plantable seed paper that you have chosen to give your guests as a memento of this day says a great deal about you: Ever since you were a tiny girl, you have had a focus on the need to protect nature. I hope that commitment will follow you for the rest of your life. It also symbolises in a meaningful way that it takes time and care for a thing of beauty to germinate and blossom. In this case it is the summer flowers that are hidden in the seeds. Investing the necessary time and effort will lead to a rich harvest.

The same applies to the building of strong family ties. That is why all the wonderful family trips we have taken together have been so precious. We are so very grateful for all the memories and shared experiences that these trips have given us – whether they were to Finnmark, South Africa or Svalbard. I hope that the close bond between the members of our family will help to sustain you throughout your life.

On this important day you are quite literally carrying your roots with you – in fact you are wearing them! Your new Aust-Telemark bunad,[1] which you have helped to create, combines traditional patterns, colours and jewellery in a unique design that is just for you. And there is a special story behind the silver brooch you are wearing:

Two years ago, I was given a silver brooch as a gift by my now 99-year-old cousin. Her brother had found it many many years ago in the burnt-out ruins of my mother’s childhood home in Skien. The brooch had belonged to my grandmother, Maja. Now we have reproduced it, and we are calling it the “Maja brooch”. It is to be given to you and the other granddaughters when you are confirmed.

Your bunad links together family ties, cultural heritage and tradition with creative renewal.

It is preservation and innovation at the same time. I hope that you will come to love your bunad – and wear it often!

My dear Ingrid, you and I have shared something very special that I have greatly treasured, and that is the Princess Ingrid Alexandra Sculpture Park here in the Palace Park. This autumn it will be completed – with 12 sculptures. Children from all over the country have submitted designs for the sculptures, and you and I have gone through them together as the process has unfolded. It has been inspiring to work with you and hear your carefully considered views.

Dear guests,

This is an important day – for you, my newly-confirmed granddaughter, for our family and for the nation. I hope that this will be an enjoyable and memorable occasion for us all as we celebrate our dear Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

I would like to invite you all to join me in a toast to the confirmand and I hope you all enjoy your meal!


[1] Norwegian national costume


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Queen Sonja welcomes the guests and gives her speech to Princess Ingrid Alexandra (In Norwegian). Photo: NRK