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Be yourself!

“If there is one piece of advice I would give you today, as King, godfather and grandfather, it is this: Be yourself,” said His Majesty The King in his speech at the luncheon celebrating the confirmation of Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra.


There were 159 places set in the Banqueting Hall of the Royal Palace and the luncheon menu included salmon and halibut. The guests and the hosts were serenaded into the hall by 50 members of the Norwegian Girls Choir attired in bunads[1].

It was Her Majesty The Queen who welcomed everyone to the event and delivered the first speech to the Princess.Queen Sonja welcomes the guests and gives her speech to Princess Ingrid Alexandra. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The Queen highlighted the network of family and friends surrounding the Princess, and the experiences and projects they share. Lately the Queen and the Princess have had a shared focal point: the very special bunad given to the Princess for her confirmation by the King and Queen.

- On this important day you are quite literally carrying your roots with you – in fact you are wearing them!” Queen Sonja said. “Your new Aust-Telemark bunad, which you have helped to create, combines traditional patterns, colours and jewellery in a unique design that is just for you.

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Be yourself

After the main luncheon course, it was His Majesty The King’s turn at the microphone. He spoke as King, as godfather and as grandfather, concentrating on the Princess’s new role as well as her opportunities and her personal abilities. The King also gave the Princess the best possible advice: Be yourself.

- If there is one piece of advice I would give you today, as King, godfather and grandfather, it is this: Be yourself. Find your own path. Any attempt to be someone other than who you are is bound to backfire, and it will diminish you. Trust that you, as you are, are enough!

King Harald delivers his speech to the Princess. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Naturally, the King’s sense of humour shone through in his speech:

- The last time we were gathered here at the Palace to celebrate you, you cried all the way through the Bishop’s christening speech in the Palace Chapel, and then you slept all the way through my speech to you during the luncheon. Today it is very nice to see that you are both awake and happy – so you can hear everything that we would like to say to you on this very special occasion!

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The speech of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess 

Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess presented their speech together. They recalled a number of amusing and characteristic personal episodes from the Princess’s upbringing – and provided words of wisdom for her life ahead.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess giving their speech to the Princess. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

- My dear Ingrid, you are an exceptionally wise person,” the Crown Princess said. “The strength that you have possessed since the day you were born is not given to everyone. We have never doubted for a minute that you would walk through life with your head held high. There will be days filled with hardship and sorrow, rain and heavy fog. But there will also be days of sun and bright snow, cool sea breezes and velvet summer nights. Life will bring you all these things as gifts. Just remember to watch the sun rise enough times to truly understand that each day is a new gift that opens right in front of your eyes. And to understand, Ingrid, that we create our lives in the relationships we have with each other. In our relationships with every living thing around us.

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The Princess’s uncle, Espen Høiby, spoke on behalf of the Crown Princess’s side of the family.

Speech of thanks

The final speaker during the confirmation luncheon was the Princess herself.

“This is a special day for me,” she said. “Thank you so much for all the nice things you have said to me – and for this wonderful celebration. This is an opportunity for me to thank many of you who are an important part of my life, and who have helped to make this such a wonderful day.”

Princess Ingrid Alexandra expressed gratitude to each of her nearest family members, often with a humorous touch.

The Princess delivers her speech expressing thanks. Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, The Royal Court

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The luncheon ended the official portion of the confirmation celebration. Tonight there is to be a private dinner for friends and family at the Skaugum Estate.


[1]Norwegian national costume, which varies by region.

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