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Silver candelabra, 1929

In 1929 Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Märtha received a pair of silver candelabra as a wedding gift from the Norwegian Government.

The candelabra each hold six candles and are decorated with four silver lions holding an enamelled shield bearing the coats of arms of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom respectively. These represent the European royal houses from which the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were descended.


The candelabra were presented to the bride and groom by Prime Minister J. L. Mowinckel on behalf of the Norwegian Government. The Storting (national assembly) gave them a jardinière with similar ornamentation. Thus the two gifts could be used together as decorations at royal banquets.


The simple, elegant lines reflect the new principles of design that were emerging. The shape and ornamentation are characteristic of Functionalism, a style that had recently become popular. The design is functional and free of superfluous ornamentation. The candelabra and jardinière were made by the renowned Norwegian goldsmith Jakob T. Prytz (1886-1962) for the firm J. Tostrup.


Silver and enamel

Height: 46.5 cm

Inventory number



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