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The consecration of King Olav

The depiction of the consecration of King Olav V in Nidaros Cathedral on 22 June 1958 hangs in the Royal Palace in Oslo and was painted by Per Lasson Krogh (1889-1965) in the period from 1958 to 1960.

Paintings of the coronations and consecrations of the Norwegian monarchs and the kings who ruled during the union between Sweden and Norway are among the most important works in the collection of paintings at the Royal Palace. Except for the coronation of King Oscar I, which did not take place in Norway, all the coronations and consecrations are represented in the collection.

Depiction of the event

In his rendition of the consecration of King Olav, Per Krogh chose not to portray the highlight of the ceremony in which the King kneels and receives the blessing. Instead Krogh captures a moment when the King is seated on the coronation chair, waiting with his three children, Princesses Astrid and Ragnhild and Crown Prince Harald, nearby. Seated behind them are the members of the Royal Court and staff, and on the left sit the officiating Bishops Johannes Smemo and Arne Fjellbu. In the foreground are representatives from the Government and the Storting, including Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen.

Per Krogh’s positioning of the subjects involved shifts the focus away from a realistic perspective towards a more theatrical representation, as if they were all actors on a stage. Krogh’s experience as a scenographer and painter of stage sets may explain his artistic approach. The result is an artistic interpretation that borders on the naïve. The painting is important, nonetheless, as it depicts a key event in the history of the modern Norwegian monarchy.

Oil on canvas

220 x 323 cm

Inventory number



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