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The word ”audience” comes from the Latin word audio “to hear” and means “chance to be heard”.

Traditionally, a person who is “granted audience” is given the opportunity to appear before a prince or another high-ranking individual.

The Royal Family conducts many audiences during the course of each year.

Most of the individuals who are granted audience wish to offer information about a specific issue or organisation, or to express their gratitude for the bestowal of an order or medal.

Formal audiences

A newly-appointed ambassador to Norway from another country must present his or her credentials to the King at a formal audience. At the audience the ambassador presents his or her credentials (in the form of Letters of Credence) to the King. When the King has accepted them the ambassador is formally accredited to Norway.

Official programme

All audiences that are granted will appear in The Royal Family's official programme. Please follow the link to Official engagements for an overview.


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