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The Transport Section

The chauffeurs’ most important duties are to drive the members of the Royal Family on official and private occasions, and to maintain and oversee the Palace’s fleet of vehicles.

The Section also lend cars to Court employees who need them in the performance of their official duties. The chauffeurs establish time schedules and driving routes, and are responsible for ensuring that members of the Royal Family arrive at their destinations on time. During state visits the chauffeurs assist in the planning of processions and driving routes.

The Palace chauffeurs cooperate closely with the Royal Police Escort service, and are certified for emergency driving.

The vehicle fleet at the Palace is comprised of work vehicles and official and private cars. The Section is also responsible for the cars belonging to the family of the Crown Prince at Skaugum Estate.   

Classic cars

There is great interest in the classic cars in the Palace's garage. On oaccasion, the Transport Section has given a public presentation of some of the best known cars.

Some of the classic cars were shown 7 June 2016 after a presentation in the Palace Chapel. Photo: Nina Ilefeldt, the Royal Court


The Transport Section is part of the Department for Security and is headed by Mr Bjørn Einar Lindstrøm.


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