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The Department of Security

The Department is responsible for preventive safety efforts at the Royal Court. In addition, the Department provides the Court’s chauffeur, transport, mail and switchboard services, and receives all visitors entering the Palace. 

The Department is charged with protecting the safety of the Royal Court employees and all guests to the Palace. It is also responsible for security measures in connection with all the Royal residences. Necessary measures are assessed in relation to the use of the residences, their significance as symbols and their historical importance. Activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Department for Royal Estates and Parks at the Royal Court. The Norwegian Royalty Protection Unit and His Majesty The King’s Guard are responsible for safeguarding the safety of the members of the Royal Family.

Two areas of activity have been designated as sections: the Reception and Security Section and the Transport Section. The Department of Security is headed by Chief of Security Lars Ivar Frøystad.