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The Royal Household

The Royal Household is responsible for arranging the official entertainments hosted by the King and Queen and the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, and other official and private obligations. The Household also assists Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner and Princess Märtha Louise when necessary.

The Household plays a central role in the daily operation of the Royal Palace. In addition, several sections of the department are involved in the Royal Family’s journeys and with their stays on the Royal Yacht and at other Royal residences. The department carries out a number of events of varying size throughout the course of the year, and is involved in arrangements for state visits.

The Household cares for the many dinner services and glassware belonging to the Palace and is responsible for the upkeep of articles for daily use, textiles and uniforms of historical interest. It is also responsible for floral decorations at the Palace and the other Royal estates.

The Royal Household is headed by Master of the Household Lars Christian Krog. The department is divided into the following sections: Steward, Housekeeping and Kitchen. The Household also includes the personal staff of the King and Queen and the staff located at Skaugum Estate, the residence of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.