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The Lord Chamberlain

The Lord Chamberlain Mr Olav Heian-Engdal is the highest official of the Royal Court and is accountable to His Majesty the King for the organisation’s activities.

The Lord Chamberlain and the heads of the departments form the management group of the Royal Court and assist and advise the Royal Family on matters within their various spheres of competence.

The Lord Chamberlain provides advice and assistance to the King and the other members of the Royal Family. He is responsible for human resource and organisational development, including strategic work plans, and for ensuring that there is a good working environment at the Royal Court.

Ceremonial duites

The Lord Chamberlain has a number of ceremonial and protocol duties that he performs on formal occasions on behalf of the King. He is Treasurer of the Order of St Olav and Chancellor of the Council of the Order of Merit.

The Court's juridical advisor and the Chancellor of the Order report directly to the Lord Chamberlain.

The Chancery of the Order

The Chancery administers matters relating to the various orders and the bestowal of medals. Crown Princess Märtha’s Memorial Fund and Princess Märtha Louise’s Fund are administered by the Chancery as well.



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