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The Armed Forces

His Majesty The King is the highest ranking officer in Norway. He holds the rank of General in the Army and Air Force, and of Admiral in the Navy.

Military authority is exercised by the King in Council of State, which means it is the Norwegian Government that has the ultimate military responsibility in times of war and peace.

The Constitution

Article 25 of the Constitution states:
The King is Commander-in-Chief of the land and naval forces of the Realm. These forces may not be increased or reduced without the consent of the Storting. They may not be transferred to the service of foreign powers, nor may the military forces of any foreign power, except auxiliary forces assisting against hostile attack, be brought into the Realm without the consent of the Storting.

The Chief of Defence

Military command authority is delegated to the military chiefs of staff. The Chief of Defence is Norway’s highest military official and foremost adviser to the Government and the Minister of Defence on military matters.

Certain issues pertaining to plans for mobilisation and defence are presented by the Minister of Defence directly to the King with only the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in attendance. Such occasions occur infrequently.



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